Meet the Team

Sky Discovery has the most experienced Relativity team in Australia with two of the leading RCA certified experts in the field. Experience counts, and we provide you with unrivalled high end consultancy and project management services.

Jeff Jarrett – Director of Consulting is a Sydney based project manager and Relativity consultant who qualified for his Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) in May 2012. He has 13 years’ experience in industry, with a background including US Department of Justice criminal fraud cases and private consulting to New York City area top law firms, as well as 7 years of experience servicing the Australian market. He has significant experience with large scale class action and construction litigation, as well as the application of predictive coding technology in discovery review.

Anderson Hind – Director of Technology is a Melbourne based project manager and Relativity consultant who is a qualified Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA). Previously National Technical Lead at an Australian eDiscovery service provider, with significant experience working for Allen’s ALT team, and Trilantic, a UK based eDiscovery provider, Anderson brings a wealth of international industry knowledge and expertise from both the service provider and law firm perspective. He has significant experience with large scale class action, complex commercial and construction litigation, as well as the application of predictive coding technology in discovery review.

Nathan Wigginton – Director of Sales and Marketing is a graduate of the Brighton Business School in England and brings over 10 years of legal sales and marketing experience. Nathan moved to Australia 5 years ago, and has become the premier Relativity sales & marketing professional in the Australian Market. He was previously the National Sales and Marketing manager at an Australian eDiscovery service provider, and has a wealth of experience dealing with eDiscovery projects and high end solution sales.

Jesse Smith – Director of Operations is a graduate of the University of Technology, Sydney’s Faculty of Law, Jesse brings industry & Relativity experience with a strong history of operations management supporting the review team. Jesse worked for one of the Australian eDiscovery service providers and is well versed with the processes, procedures and requirements of Australian based firms.

Martin Flavell – Director UK brings over 20 years’ experience in eDiscovery and dispute resolution services. He was one of the early pioneers in eDiscovery solutions. He designed and built the first UK data extraction software tool in 2002 and then in 2005 went on to co-found Trilantic, a specialist eDiscovery company based in London. Before starting up Sky Discovery’s London operation, Martin spent 5 years in Sydney working on a number of high profile litigation matters and regulatory enquiries. He has been a thought leader in the use of technology, advising legal teams on appropriate technical solutions and best practices in the collection, processing and review of evidence.

Zac Wright – Senior Consultant brings over 13 years’ experience in eDiscovery and is a senior consultant based in Melbourne. Zac has worked in the litigation support industry for the last 13 years, both within legal support bureaus, mid and top tier law firms, and the federal public service and has been trained and worked extensively in all aspects of evidence management, from forensic data acquisition and imaging, to the management of databases in software such as Summation, Ringtail, Relativity, EnCase and NUIX as well as many others.

Letrecia Taylor – Operations Consultant Letrecia brings to the role of Operations Consultant at Sky Discovery over 20 years of experience in document management, litigation support, courtroom technology and team management. She has performed in senior manager positions in enforcement and regulatory bodies, 2 top tier law firms and at the Federal Court of Australia.

Throughout her professional career, Letrecia has liaised closely with investigative and legal teams, clients and third party service providers to implement and use technology in complex legal matters including pre-litigation preparation. The largest project Letrecia managed involved managing a team of 10 team leaders who were responsible for up to 150 people working 2 shifts per day over a 3 year period. Over 4 million hard copy documents were processed into a review database at an accuracy of 98% across the whole data set.

Andrew Morell – eDiscovery Consultant is a Sydney based lawyer with a background in eDiscovery, project management and cyber security. Andrew has experience with consulting and project management on large eDiscovery projects, as well as a background in information security with the world’s largest IT consultancy firm, Accenture. In addition to his consultancy background, he has lectured in information technology law, intellectual property and cybersecurity at Macquarie University. He also has an undergraduate degree in information technology, honours degree in law, and a graduate diploma in legal practice.

Sohael Qayyum – Associate Director is a London based eDiscovery consultant who holds an undergraduate and post graduate qualification in law. He is a qualified Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) who has been in the industry since 1999, working with a number of eDiscovery service providers as a Project Manager and Consultant. In his previous role he was the Head of the Project Management team which grew to be one of the largest eDiscovery teams in the UK under his leadership.

If you have any queries for our experienced Relativity team, or would like to send us your CV to join our ever expanding team, please write to us at