Gilchrist Connell Partners with Sky Discovery Nationally

Gilchrist Connell to Offer a Fresh Approach to eDiscovery

Gilchrist Connell Partners with Sky Discovery to offer a Fresh Approach to eDiscovery

Leading national insurance focused law firm Gilchrist Connell announced today a partnership with Sky Discovery to offer a fresh approach to eDiscovery.  Through this partnership, Gilchrist Connell benefits from Sky Discovery’s market leading technical innovations and expertise to enable lawyers to efficiently handle the searching and organisation of electronic documents on all types of insurance, employment, dispute resolution and commercial litigation matters.

This innovative approach to eDiscovery provides Gilchrist Connell with access to eDiscovery capabilities at a fraction of the substantial fixed-cost legacy investments that encumber the larger law firms.  Even the latest cloud-based eDiscovery offerings represent a significant overhead investment for law firms, one that must ultimately be recovered by hourly rate charges.  This service bridges the gap between the current alternative of a substantial in-house investment in people and technology or pure pay as you go outsourcing to eDiscovery experts such as Sky Discovery.

“By partnering with Sky Discovery, Gilchrist Connell lawyers can now offer their clients eDiscovery services without the up-front data processing, software licensing and hosting fees historically associated with searching, organising and managing electronic documents” said James Moeskops, Sky Discovery’s Managing Director.

This service is particularly suited to insurance matters where there is a need to quickly and cost-effectively search, organise and report on the content of emails and other electronic documents.

This new approach is perfectly aligned with Gilchrist Connell’s mantra to ‘Listen – Engage – Solve’ by enabling lawyers to provide legal advice with the benefits of having considered evidentiary documents in electronic form in a low cost and efficient manner.

About Gilchrist Connell

Gilchrist Connell is a national general insurance and defendant-side dispute resolution firm prominently recognised and internationally networked with the Harmonie Group.

About Sky Discovery

Sky Discovery is a leading independent Australian eDiscovery firm focused on building strategic relationships with lawyers to achieve successful outcomes on disputes, investigations and regulatory matters.

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