Australia’s Leading Class Action Practice teams with evidence experts Sky Discovery

Maurice Blackburn extend their partnership with Sky Discovery

Australia’s leading class action law firm, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, has extended a partnership that will ensure clients get the strongest case evidence run for them in the most cost-efficient way.

The class action experts will continue to team with Sky Discovery to ensure clients receive the most cost-effective document discovery services.

Maurice Blackburn Litigation Technology Solutions Manager Nathanael Jackson said it means the best evidence can be detected in the quickest and most efficient way, helping strengthen the firm’s large class actions while also keeping costs to a minimum.

“This partnership ensures we can maintain our market-leading service to clients as Australia’s most successful class action firm, and it means we can do it in a way that helps keep costs to a minimum even when we are going through thousands of documents as we prepare our case evidence,” Mr Jackson said.

“It means we can access the best technology in the best way possible, and ultimately continue to return more money to clients when we succeed in our cases.

“Ultimately, that means we can continue providing greater access to justice for thousands of everyday Australians every year, and we can continue to push for better standards of corporate conduct from big business, which is in everyone’s interest.”

Sky Discovery’s Managing Director James Moeskops believes this innovative model for ediscovery services further demonstrates Maurice Blackburn’s commitment to deliver better returns, faster at lower cost on class action matters

“Sky Discovery’s objective is to enable lawyers to be efficient in the provision of legal services.  The hybrid in-house outsourced model for delivering ediscovery services that we have developed with Maurice Blackburn optimises lawyers’ access to technology and expertise at a lower cost than either the traditional in-house or outsourced models” Mr Moeskops said.

About Maurice Blackburn

Maurice Blackburn is Australia’s leading class action practice having obtained more than $2.6 billion for clients.

About Sky Discovery

Sky Discovery is a leading independent Australian eDiscovery firm focused on building strategic relationships with lawyers to facilitate efficient and effective working practices on disputes, investigations and regulatory matters.

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