Working From Home in Covid-19 Times

Author:  Letrecia Taylor, Operations Consultant

In these times of Covid-19 and the work from home phenomena that has engulfed us all, the transition to working from home for me personally has been easy and smooth.  The business I work for has it all set up as everyone usually works from home a day or two a week.  The technology and mechanics of logging in from your favourite spot at home are in place, turn on the laptop and off you go for the day.  Easy peasy!

What about the other things that the workplace provides you every day?  – Socialising with your work colleagues, exercise at lunchtime, walk through the shops for gifts or dinner, catch up lunches with friends at your favourite café?  No unfortunately working from home, doesn’t provide any of those aspects that would balance your life.  Everyone needs some social interaction everyday with someone other than a pet, family or partner/spouse.

I personally, have been getting out after work hours have been completed to walk in our local harbour side park.  Lots of others have the same idea with a father and son playing cricket, kids on their scooters and bikes, family groups kicking the footy around or playing badminton, others fishing off the jetty, dogs being walked, some swimmers and lots of walkers usually in pairs.  What a hive of activity and everyone observing the social distancing rules.  This activity clears the mind and ensures you have some balance in your day.

There is social media too that can provide that much needed connection, but like everyone else, there are only so many posts you can make telling everyone about your day in self-isolation.  The Easter weekend was a great opportunity to down tools and get out of the house into some fresh air and stretch those legs.  I shared my Easter weekend photos with friends near and far via Facebook, hoping to share that sense that we are doing the same as everyone else is doing.

I personally have loved a Facebook site created for these times, showing pictures of hundreds of thousands Facebookers’ view from their windows or backdoor.  Some sites I have never had the pleasure to see and other locations I immediately recognise from a time when travel was freely available and embraced by everyone.  The site just shows me that everyone, no matter their location, culture or background, we are fundamentally the same and just love to stickybeak and share.  We love family, flowers, pets, sunshine, sunsets, safety and special places that we can just ‘be’.

My family has also embraced some new technology to connect with friends who we usually catch up for dinner with once a month.  We have scheduled ‘Zoom’ dinners every Sunday night where we eat together, the kids have their own Zoom meeting whilst the adults catch up on the state of the world on another call.  These have been fun with the calls lasting a couple of hours.

All these things provide that much needed distraction from the situation at hand.  I realise I am one of the lucky ones who, for now is still busy and working.  My colleagues are having our Friday night virtual drinks via Zoom, we have regular team meetings via Microsoft Office – work life goes on.

From a work perspective, we are all trying to navigate through these times, find others who are working in a similar way, seek out new work leads and work sources, follow up existing clients to check how they are travelling and just maintaining the contact.  People seem to be responsive to phone calls instead of just emails at these times.  A great opportunity to ‘have a chat’ and ‘catch up’ rather than just ‘drop an email’.

Everyone has embraced ‘Zoom’ work meetings with children playing in the background and pets sometimes having starring roles as they jump up on desks in front of videos.  Such events break the ice and demonstrates everyone’s willingness to embrace the new normal and just carry on.

Overall, I believe everyone is travelling well.  We don’t know how long this lockdown will continue on for but, at the moment we have embraced it, moving our business along in the right direction and continue to be motivated to show up on the couch everyday to log onto the laptop.  Mental health is so important as well as being able to switch off work when the time is right.  I have shared some of my ideas on how I am coping with the biggest disruption to our economy that I think most us will ever experience in our lifetime.  We are resilient.  Lockdown will end.  Reach out and embrace it as I am sure one day we will look back and tell our grandchildren stories about Covid-19.

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About the author – Letrecia Taylor, Operations Consultant (Sydney)

Since commencing at Sky Discovery, Letrecia has been working on developing the standard practices, procedures and policies to underpin the Sky Discovery business. Letrecia works closely with the Directors and Consultants to ensure the best practice is applied and supported through all aspects of the business.

Letrecia brings to the role of Operations Consultant at Sky Discovery over 20 years of experience in document management, litigation support, courtroom technology and team management.  She has performed in senior manager positions in enforcement and regulatory bodies, 2 top tier law firms and at the Federal Court of Australia.

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