Matthew Hollings has joined the Sky Discovery team

Sky Discovery are pleased to announce that Matthew Hollings has joined the Sky Discovery team as the Head of Business Development.

Matthew brings over 17years experience in legal and technology-orientated roles, with the last 10 years spent in specifically in legal practice and eDiscovery, working with lawyers in dispute, regulatory and investigation based practice areas. Matthew is an enthusiastic, committed and driven member of the legal profession who has a passion and desire to see those who practice law do so in the most efficient and effective way possible, in turn delivering the best outcomes for their clients and team.

Using his knowledge gained as a practicing lawyer and litigator, Matthew provides tailored, practical and technologically powered eDiscovery solutions to all legal stakeholders across private practice, government and in-house teams dealing with a dispute, regulatory matter or other investigation (like commissions of enquiry). These solutions focus on increasing the efficiency, improving the accuracy and minimizing the risk associated with the legal review and investigation process.

Matthew is looking forward to joining Sky Discovery’s leading team of eDiscovery experts in working with lawyers across Australia to provide them with market leading eDiscovery service and support.