Import and Export Australian Discovery Compliant Loadfiles

Australian federal and state practice notes default to exchanging in a format that is not natively compatible with Relativity.

SkyPort is a custom-built solution used to template and automate the import/export process in Relativity for Australian compliant Export MDB load files.  It ensures consistency on pre/post data loading processes which are custom to your environment.


Skyport Import:

  • Import Austrlian compliant loadifles into Relativity
  • Customise and set import values to conform to your Relativity setup
  • Settings are remembered on a workspace level to ensure consistencey in your import settings
  • Automatic Text extraction
  • Control the format of the document you would like imported
  • Post Processing Steps:  Automate the kickoff of your post processing steps (update a filed, update Text Index, complete Analytic Functions) automatically after upload, saving you precious time

Skyport Export:

  • Export documents in a Austrlain court compliant format
  • Customise which version of a document is exported based on pre defined criteria for example:
    • Export Native version of Excel Files
    • Export Redacted Version of Part Privileged Documents
    • Export PDF version of relevant files
  • Customise fields for provision in export
  • Settings saved at a workspace level to ensure consistencey in Productions