Sky Discovery utilises Blackout the redaction tool for Relativity that automatically redacts and highlights both native Excel and image files based on criteria you specify. Blackout streamlines your redaction workflow while reducing time, costs, and room for error in your review.

Human error can be costly

Humans are notoriously error-prone, and mistakes can have dire consequences when you’re dealing with sensitive info like PII, PHI, and intellectual property. Blackout reduces the margin of error by letting you carefully configure rules for redacting words, phrases, and patterns. Blackout also emphasises a thorough QA process by building it directly into the review workflow.

More data, more regulations, more redaction

With the growing amount of ESI and increasing regulations surrounding things like HIPAA and PII, the cost of manual redaction is becoming unsustainable, especially in industries that deal with large Excel files. Forward-thinking law firms and service providers use Blackout to stay ahead of the rising wave of case data, making review workflows more efficient without sacrificing accuracy.

Manual redaction takes time you don’t have

Cases often require quick turnarounds for reviewing and producing relevant documents. To meet deadlines, the solution is usually to bring in more attorneys, but that just hikes up costs. Blackout automates redaction so that you can meet case deadlines without incurring excessive costs and save your reviewers’ time for QA.